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Client Thoughts & Sharing

Finding Rebecca and Body Be Well Solutions has been one of the best things in my life. By providing therapeutic massages, health coaching and general wellness support. Rebecca has played such an important part in my pursuit of a healthier me. If you have not gotten the support you’ve needed from other sources on improving your health... I strongly suggest contact Rebecca today.
— Sabine
I feel so fortunate to have begun my 12 week Transitions Lifestyle Program – Making Healthy A Habit One Choice At A Time, under the watchful and caring guidance of Rebecca Albert. Each week I learned new techniques and valuable background information to help me reshape my dietary habits to lead me towards a more healthy lifestyle. Rebecca’s encouragement and easy manner made me, and everyone in our group, more comfortable with our individual challenges. I have become much more proactive in making smart food choices and have seen the positive results in lost inches and pounds. Once the commitment was made to start the change, I couldn’t have asked for a better” cheerleader” than Rebecca to help me achieve my goals. Rebecca is committed to helping you make the right decisions that guide you along the Transition’s path. I am very grateful to her.
— Joanna
I would like to be loud and proud of my numbers!! The BEST part of this program is not only the pounds you loose and how much your energy level increases, but how much knowledge you gain about food. The good, bad and the ugly! This is the information that has stuck with me and why I have been able to make healthy choices long after the 12 week program!! My stats were.. I lost 22.5 pounds, a total of 16 inches and 7.8% body fat, all through my food choices.
— Christine
Rebecca has been my massage therapist for over seven years. I was impressed by the changes Transitions afforded her, but I am not one for group enterprises. I went along to support my husband; while I did not go kicking and screaming, I did go tongue in cheek. After all, just because it worked for Rebecca didn’t mean I would be successful. Well I did succeed. I do realize that I have embodied a lifestyle change and do not resent it. I feel better, but more important I can now move with fluidity that I haven’t enjoyed in years! Even getting on and off the floor is easy. I have lost weight, corrected some of my health problems, and my blood work would make anyone proud! As for maintaining the lifestyle, it is much easier than I thought. I have had planned departures for special meals, but they are an exception and far from the rule. More important, I am back on Transitions the next meal!. Thank you Rebecca, for your encouragement.
— Rho
Rebecca asked, “Sick and Tired of feeling Sick and Tired?” That was me 3 months ago. Rebecca gave me the tools and support to find a healthier lifestyle. By doing so, I now have more energy and feel 100% better than I have in a very long time. By living a healthier lifestyle, I have reduced inflammation I was experiencing and it helps to keep my RA more under control. The small weekly class gave that extra support I needed. I would also like to thank the girls in my group. It was a pleasure meeting with them each week. I know this is not just a 12 week program, it is a lifestyle change. Thanks Rebecca.
— Kathy
Very warm compassionate excellent service for someone who has never had a massage before and was very nervous to do so.
— Christine
This is what I needed in my life. The difference in my well-being is incredible. From massages (which are heavenly), to wellness products, and wellness courses, the owner offers a wide variety of things that help shape a healthier and better you. I will be a customer for life.
— Sarah
I, like many, thought I was eating fairly healthy and making good choices. I found out that I was not eating as well as I thought I was. I was very diligent while taking the course and followed it very closely. It truly worked wonderfully and changed the way I looked and felt. My mind was much clearer, my energy levels soared and I just felt as if I was doing something good for myself and that, in itself, made me feel great. While I have not stayed on task quite as strictly since taking the course, I do continue to eat the way the course teaches for the most part. I have maintained my weight loss to within 5 lbs or so and really notice a difference in how I feel when I have a day of overindulgence or ingest too much sugar. It needs to become a way of life for us, as there are so many benefits to be had from eating this way. I wish everyone would become more serious about their health and what we put into our bodies, because it truly matters in the long run. We are what we eat, plain and simple. I wish good health and a conscious life style to all.
— Cheryl
What can I say about the Transitions program run by Rebecca Albert? People do say how wonderful I look, and of course who wouldn’t be flattered? I also feel great. But these are subjective assessments, and I’m a numbers kind of guy. So let me share some of my personal numbers:

I lost 19lbs in the 12 week course
Blood pressure went from 150/90 to a healthy 123/69
Blood sugar A1C went from 8.4 to 6.6. Basicly “D” to an “A-“.
Removed my fast acting insulin from my daily regimen
Neck size (think of shirt size for a man) went from 18 to 16 ½
Waist went from 42 to 36 (where I carry most of my weight)
I no longer snore, and do not I need a C-pap machine any more

You get the idea. There are 3 components to being successful. First, you have to dedicate to making healthy choices for the rest of your life. Second, you need to follow the program as closely as possible. But finally, the magic ingredient: Rebecca supplements everything with bubbling enthusiasm and shares a wealth of personal and real life experiences to the formal program. That’s the real value-added part of the program. Good Luck, and be well.
— Hax
My wife and I have been clients of Rebecca’s for almost seven years. That should say it all. She is professional, thorough and generous with her advice. She has resolved a long series of problems for my wife and me. You might say Massage is our drug of choice. Highly Recommend!
— Harvey
I am a 67 year old male. I happed to incur an accident during my early twenties which left me with a shortened leg causing my hips to be instead of level, now at an angle which over the years has caused a number of painful conditions. During the years before I met Ms. Albert ,I had tried a good number of massage professionals, all were ok. On my first visit to Ms. Albert, she quizzed me about my particular needs and proceeded to relive the major points of distress in my back and legs. She also answered every question I had about the muscle functions. If you are looking for the best give “Body Be Well Solutions’ the call.
— Paul
I have tried a number of Massage Therapists in my life, and I must say that Rebecca is right up there on top with the most professional attitude and surroundings I have experienced; and of course provides a fantastic therapeutic massage.
— Tom