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Healthy Choices = Healthy Habits / Motivational Mondays

  • Monaco Training Center 4955 North Bailey Avenue, Suite 108 Buffalo, NY 14226 (map)

It's about Balance.  Even the most "practiced" yoga instructor cannot hold a tree balance pose "constantly". Its about making small adjustments on a regular basis to "re-steady" our Balance. The more practiced you are at "re-steadying" yourself.. for Balance... the more habitual it will be.  Take your time... and practice some Balance.


Join us for a weekly session of: 

  • peer and health coach support
  • optional weights and measures
  • feedback
  • recipes
  • new ideas
  • and more

$15 or bring a friend and just pay $10/each

Registration Required

As a Health Coach, I am Not going to tell you what you can and cannot eat.   Nor will I tell you what you should or should Not do.  That would not be effective... except maybe as a short term quick fix.   My role is to help you understand what you are doing, the impact it is having and to support you in Making Healthy Choices... into Healthy Habits.

Old habits die hard,

new ones tend to easily slip away. 

Its normal. Its understandable.

Let's support each other One Choice at a Time, at Making Healthy a Habit