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What is Healthy To You / session 1

  • Monaco Training Center 4955 North Bailey Avenue, Suite 108 Buffalo, NY, 14226 United States (map)

What is Healthy to You?

No matter what article you read, new report you hear or story you see regarding health, wellness, nutrition or diet... at some point they ALL seem to contradict each other.  So what's the real story?  

You, and your body and your daily routines and your personal habits.  We are all very similar yet very different in our "chemistry".  The correct Balance for You is out there, you just need to understand some simple rules regarding the "chemical reactions" taking place in your body at this time in life.

....Because let's face it, you are not living in the same body you were 10, 15 or 20 years ago!  Just because you've always done this or that... doesn't mean its in your best interest. Things have a tendency to change!

In this first session we will cover:

  • What are you eating and how is it affecting you?
  • What changes could you make and still enjoy eating and drinking some of your favorite things?
  • What "other healthy things" are you doing to sabotage your health?
  • How do you find your "Personal Balance"?