Surviving Holiday Gatherings

A few survival techniques are:

  • Drink large amounts of water before
  • Look at a menu online before, so I know what the best choices will be
  • If a buffet, walk through first without a plate looking at what the best choices will be
  • If consuming alcohol, choose vodka and have with seltzer with an olive or a lime
  • Fill up on the raw veggies as good fiber to help metabolize your other choices
  • Skip dessert, but have a bite of someone else's (first bite is always the best)
  • In a pub, order a sandwich minus the roll on a large bed of lettuce
  • Use olive oil and vinegar as dressing (ask.. it is usually available)
  • Choose items without heavy gravies/sauces... if that is not an option, scrap it off
  • Avoid all potatoes, pasta, white rice and bread