Yoga, Balance, Healthy Choices, Healthy Habits

As a special treat last night, our session of Healthy Choices = Healthy Habits was held at Balance Yoga of WNY. Thank you Wendy Hauck for the opportunity to experience the Gentle Yoga session at your studio; led by the lovely lighthearted Joanna!

As yoga involves centering the body and looking for a state of balance.. it is referred to as "practice". Any Healthy Habit we chose, also requires ongoing "practice" and it is a delicate balance. Somedays our balance is better than others, somedays are healthy choices are better than others... over time with repeated practice these will become more natural acts.. like Healthy Habits.

If you are looking to try a yoga class, Balance Yoga of WNY offers sessions 6 days a week, at various times with all skill levels.. very gentle beginners and advance heated power yoga. No pre-registration necessary. Check out their schedule online and drop in for session; you won't be disappointed. No equipment... no problem.. everything you need is available onsite.