Why did I expand my practice?

I have expanded my practice to include more opportunities to work with my clients proactively on the quality of their life and chronic pain management.  As beneficial and effective as therapeutic massage is;  it is still a reactive approach.  I am continuing my work as a massage. Although now through my health coaching, I work directly with individuals on improving the quality of their lives through their lifestyle and nutritional choices.  One size does not fit all, so much attention is paid to developing habits for each person individually.  While this can be time consuming, it is the most effective approach for sustainable change. 

As a Health Coach, I work with the understanding of  "primary foods"  and "secondary foods".  Secondary foods are what we put in our mouths, primary foods are everything else in our lives.. work, home life, faith, finances, physical activity, etc.. These both play a critical role in ones overall health and well being.  Here are a few details regarding our offerings:

Healthy Choices = Healthy Habits is an 8 week program for 6-8 participants.  This can be facilitated at Body Be Well Solutions or brought to a business/corporate environment.
Health Coaching can be facilitated at Body Be Well Solutions or brought on site to someones home or to a business/corporate setting.  This can be offered individually or for couples.
Therapeutic Massage and Chair Massage is available at Body Be Well Solutions or can be brought to a business/corporate environment.
Wellness Talks are always available.  Most recently, I had the opportunity to speak to Scleroderma Foundation of Buffalo at one of their monthly meetings.  The topic was "Managing Chronic Pain, What Role Do You Play"?  There is no cure for the debilitating disease or the accompanying pain.  We discussed putting the disease to the side, and explored what choices could we then make to manage some of the other underlying pain.  
Corporate Wellness sessions are available at Body Be Well Solutions in an "off-site" offering. In January we had the opportunity to work with the senior managers of Anderson's Custard.  The "Solutions of the Wellness in the Workplace and Beyond" program was held here at Body Be Well Solutions.  A team building activity involving the preparation of a healthy meal was followed by an open lecture discussion regarding many of the confusing current health topics.  The event concluded with a debrief over the enjoyment of the meal that was prepared by the group and each participant received a chair massage.

Please feel free to share this Press Release with any local group, publication or organization that may benefit from a working relationship with us as a partner or client.