Green Drinks/Smoothies Keeping it Simple

Green drinks/smoothie recipes are everywhere… from very simple to very complex.  I always go for convenience that is nutritious, simple and budget conscious.

A little background on the basics of your fruit and vegetable ingredients… 

•    Red = Anti-Aging
•    Orange = Immune Boosting
•    Yellow = Anti-Inflammatory
•    Green = Detoxifying
•    Blue/Purple = Brain-Boosting

On the thought of convenience, which is a huge consideration if you are looking to making a Healthy Choice a Healthy Habit.  It has to be easy, quick and budget conscious.  I prep on Sundays for the entire week.  This ensures I have a nutritious energy boosting, satisfying start to each day. 

I am a regular Wegmans and Trader Joes shopper.  Weekly, I purchase:
•    2 containers of organic mixed super greens/spinach
•    Seasonally fresh organic fruits and organic frozen varieties
•    Organic fresh veggies
•    Wegmans organic wonder water, seltzer and organic unsweetened almond milk

During the summer months I blanch many of the veggies I grown in my own organic garden… currently I’m working my way through my beets and carrots from last summer’s late fall harvest.  

I purchase fresh organic fruit and veggies weekly, although usually cannot eat it before it turns.  The fruit I do not eat in its prime, I put in glass mason jars and freeze.  The organic veggies I do not eat in a timely manner, I steam for 3-5 minutes and place in glass mason jars and freeze. 

My weekly prep:
In a quart size freezer bag, I combine 2 cups of fresh greens (uncooked), 1 cup of a fresh organic fruit/organic veggies combination.  I make 7 bags of this combination and place in freezer.

Each morning, before my routine of lemon water, water, vitamins and organic tea; I take a bag out of the freezer to begin thawing.  I place this in my Nutri-bullet canister and add the desired liquid of the day and a tablespoon of either organic flax-seed or chia-seeds.  Additionally, because of its amazing health benefits and naturally sweet flavor, I add 1/2 package of powdered Aloe Juice; strawberry kiwi flavored.