Healthy Choices = Healthy Habits

Everyone knows that EATING HEALTHY is the right thing to do... and most people have a good idea of what the Healthy Choices are (a donut or an apple?). The problem is every "DIET" out there tells you WHAT TO EAT and NOT EAT... but doesn't tell you HOW TO DO THIS IN THE REAL WORLD. 

The focus of my Healthy Choices=Healthy Habits program is to do just that. I coach people on making REAL SUSTAINABLE CHANGES WITH MEASURABLE RESULTS.

My next series of "Healthy Choices = Healthy... Habits" sessions are Starting in October... Mondays at 3pm (starting 10/19th) or Tuesdays at 7pm (October 20th). 

You'll have the opportunity to:

Understand your Metabolism and its Impact
Explore New Foods with a Guided Grocery Tour
Recognize and Reduce Cravings
Increase Your Energy and Quality of Sleep
Learn How to Read and Interpret Food Labels

Reserve your seat ASAP... Seating is limited!