When we change the way we look at things, we see things differently

Not sure how long ago I came across this, or even where I did. But it seems whenever I need to make a slight adjustment on where I’m going or what I’m focusing on… I stumble across this. Strange how what we need, is generally right there when we need it… everything happens for a reason.

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Solutions for the workplace... Chair Massage

Offer once as an employee thank you or include as part of a holiday gathering. Offer monthly as party of an employee wellness program. Either approach will be sure to make the workplace a little bit brighter ☀️

A growing solution… the implementation of corporate wellness programs has become a growing solution toward employee longevity and livelihood in the workplace. Many large-scale companies and small businesses have already begun to reap the benefits of on-site chair massage. Chair Massage brings many benefits to the table for employees and employers alike. Imagine an increase in morale and productivity, for less than the cost of most other wellness programs.

Chair Massage can address…

  • Stress Reduction: studies have shown that chair massage in an office setting can provide up to an 85% increase in stress levels.

  • Muscle Tension: regular corporate chair massage has been known to show a decrease in muscle tension and back pain among employees.

  • Headaches: Chair Massage can help to decrease the duration and the intensity of headaches.

  • Focus and Mental Awareness: studies have shown increased accuracy and alertness among employees after receiving chair massage.

How it works… We will work with your schedule to provide quality onsite chair massage to you and your employees. We will bring all the equipment necessary. All that is required from you is a quiet space in which to work. This could be anything from an empty conference room to a spare cubicle. The process is simple and there are no hidden fees everything is included.

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