Make Healthy a Habit, One Choice at a Atime

Rebecca Albert, LMT & CHHC

Owner of Body Be Well Solutions

My story is quite simple… I'm very blessed and grateful that a life changing event in my health "pushed" me to make major changes over a decade ago. Those major changes were made One Choice at a Time, and they are now Healthy Habits which keep my Body Well.  

Keep in mind, as I age and my life continues to change, I am regularly adjusting my Choices and Habits to maintain ongoing Balance. This includes what I eat, drink, listen to, read and the activities I participate in and people I associate with.

I do not believe there is one approach to being Healthy for everyone.  However, an essential first step toward Making Healthy a Habit, One Choice at a Time is to understand how our food and beverage choices affect our health.  Once we have this foundation, we can begin to find our personal BALANCE of healthy nutritious food and fun and interesting physical activity.

Here I Grow Again…

I am happy to announce I am in the process of becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor.  My training is through the local non-profit Yogis in Service and is uniquely based on the 12 Principles of Growth. This Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Certification was developed in partnership with a research team at the University at Buffalo to provide effective training in trauma-informed, inclusive yoga. I am scheduled to complete my training in October 2019 and look forward to sharing this Healthy Choice with my clients and the community. 


Wellness Career Credentials

  • Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, February 2004

  • National Certification Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, March 2004 

  • NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, October 2004

  • BCBS, Independent Health, Univera, Wellness Provider, July 2005

  • TLS/Transitions Lifestyle Systems Coach, September 2012

  • nutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions Wellness Consultant, April 2012

  • Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Certified Holistic Health Coach, September 2014

  • Yogis in Service Certified Yoga Instructor, October 2019

I am currently a referral resource for many patients of the UBNS Chiropractic group on managing chronic pain, especially as an alternative to regular use of prescription pain medications. Additionally, I am a resource for survivors, care givers and employees of Roswell Park Cancer Institute.