Which Approach are you Ready for?
Feeling Good & Being Healthy is NOT about Deprivation, it’s about New Habits

21 Day TLS Challenge

    Self-guided program kicked off w/grocery shopping tour
“Reading & Interpreting Labels” 

    Healthy Choices = Healthy Habits

    8 weekly sessions of coaching, accountability
and support including the following:


  1.     Taking Control / Cleaning Things Up : Jump Start Your Success

  2.     Making the Right Choices / Getting Healthy with Real Food

  3.     Reading & Interpreting Labels / Wegmans Grocery Tour

  4.     Understanding Your Metabolism / Hormones & Supplements

  5.     Nutrition Basics / Protein, Fats, Carbs

  6.     Creating Healthy Habits / Exercise, Planning & Prepping, Dining out

  7.     Overcoming Obstacles / Managing Stress & Friend-Enemies

  8.     Living the Lifestyle / Assessing the Results


Finding Your Personal Balance

3 weekly sessions of coaching, grocery shopping tour, support products covering:


    Session 1 / What is Healthy to You?  

  • What are you eating and how is it affecting you?
  • What changes could you make and still enjoy your favorite things?
  • What "other healthy things" are you doing to sabotage your health?
  • How do you find your "Personal Balance"?

    Session 2 / How Do You Know What to Buy?

  • What does Eating Clean mean to YOU?
  • How can you manage this on a Budget
  • Where, Where does the Time to "Prep" come from
  • Reading & Interpreting Labels... Fats, Fiber, Carbs, Sugar, Protein
  • Identifying Organic, Non-GMO vs Conventional produce
  • Understanding Cage-Free vs Range-free
  • Factor of 5

    Session 3 / How Do You Make Healthy a Habit?

Consider this...

  • If you had less pain; Would you be more active?
  • If you were more active; Would you lose weight?  
  • If you lost weight; Would you sleep better?
  • If you slept better; Would you have a stronger immunity?
  • If you had a stronger immunity; Would you handle stress better?

It is all possible.. its about BALANCE... You can find your own balance, once you understand the steps and solutions available to support you.

 All Programs Require Registration with 50% non-refundable deposit.