Feeling Good & Being Healthy is NOT about Deprivation, it’s about New Habits
Which Approach are you Ready for?

21 Day TLS Challenge:

    Self-guided program kicked off w/grocery shopping tour
“Reading & Interpreting Labels” and Yoga

    Healthy Choices = Healthy Habits:

    8 weekly sessions of coaching, accountability
and support including the following:

    Taking Control / Cleaning Things Up : Jump Start Your Success
    Making the Right Choices / Getting Healthy with Real Food
    Reading & Interpreting Labels / Wegmans Grocery Tour
    Understanding Your Metabolism / Hormones & Supplements
    Nutrition Basics / Protein, Fats, Carbs
    Creating Healthy Habits / Exercise, Planning & Prepping, Dining out
    Overcoming Obstacles / Managing Stress & Friend-Enemies
    Living the Lifestyle / Assessing the Results

 Registration Deadline: Monday 12/26/16. 50% non-refundable deposit required.